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at the beach. keep that in mind when we do the forecast. let's talk about what will happen here in baltimore. hazy conditions out there. there is a lot of pollution in the air. 70 degrees at the top of the hour. lots of sunshine with a high temperature of 95 this afternoon. the average high temperature is 82. we are way above the mark. better news for the upcoming weekend. >> are you tired of answering questions from e-mail? >> pretty much. >> no need to evacuate. >> we are looking at a good ride on the major roadways. there is a downed tree near glen eagles scored in towson. all lanes are closed there. volume is still on the light side. we're running smoothly on all of the major roadways. delays will crop opt in about 30 minutes. this is the harrisburg expressway coming at of york road. this is southbound traffic looking a little bit heavy as volume starts to build there. this is the southwest corner of the beltway at frederick road. we will keep you posted on anything new that crops up. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. now back to you. >> we begin with hurricane earl still more than
. coastal communities are not out of the woods just yet. we go live to atlantic beach, north carolina, but we want to begin with adam caskey in ocean city. bring us up-to-date. >> we are live in ocean city, and this tends to flood first. locals would now read a bit of a wash on the parking lot. -- locals would know. a bit of a wash up on the parking lot. this has been downgraded to category 1 at 11:00 a.m. maximum sustained winds at 85 miles per hour. as expected, it is accelerating now. it is centered 152 miles to the southeast from right here in ocean city. later on this evening, 8:00 p.m., it should be 245 miles to the northeast of ocean city. this should continue to slowly weekend. high tide at 4: 8. we will see these which continue to push up on the beach. -- these waves continue to push up on the beach. really the maximum wind gusts are only about 30 miles per hour. we may see a few slightly higher costs, but we are not anticipating it to get much worse than this. we're anticipating the sunset. where we are really seeing improvement is in north carolina. let's go to atlantic bea
of the weekend. >> reporter: now down to my colleague bruce leshan in virginia beach. >> the storm chasers may be disappointing that the storm is tracking farther out to sea and weakening, but there are people here at virginia beach who are happy. see back there the scaffolding, the port-o-potties, for the american music festival. and take a look. gloria gainer. reo speedwagen, pat bena tar, slated to take the stage this weekend, starting on friday, hours after earl is expected to blast through. the old saying you'll be lucky if you get married in a rain storm. this couple figures marrying with a hurricane coming is like hitting the lottery. >> i got married in sunlight. well i got married in a rain storm. yeah, well i got married in a hurricane. >> reporter: a cacophony of hurricane preps in the beach and dead quiet in the emergency center. managers are hoping that the track holds and earl slips by in the dark without waking the neighbors. but people here are haunted by the specter of hurricane bonnie in 1998. forecasts had predicted she would spare virginia beach too. >> we went home and dec
is in the weather center and steve hariggan is in virginia beach, virginia, where they are awaiting earl's heavy rains and high winds. steve, what does it look like now? we saw a wind situation. have you seen any more rain? >> reporter: no rain yet. you were talking about how the storm has developed over the past few days. we were down a couple of days ago in the u.s. virgin islands where we saw this as a much more powerful storm than we are feeling it here. in the virgin islands we were there and it was really strong enough to take roof its off of buildings and knock down trees, quite a bit of structural damage in the north eastern caribbean. real concern for life and limb. here in virginia, we are seeing a very different story because the storms moved so slowly, about 15 or 18 miles per hour, you can really leap-frog and keep up with it. >>> what are you hearing? are there people that left thinking the storm would do more as they come around and turn back. and this may be a great holiday weekend after all? >> it really depends on how travel goes tomorrow. it depends on how much rain is dumped
, rich reichmuth is in the weather center and steve hariggan is in virginia beach, virginia, where they are awaiting earl's heavy rains and high winds. steve, what does it look like now? we saw a wind situation. have you seen any more rain? >> reporter: no rain yet. you were talking about how the storm has developed over the past few days. we were down a couple of days ago in the u.s. virgin islands where we saw this as a much more powerful storm than we are feeling it here. in the virgin islands we were there and it was really strong enough to take roof its off of buildings and knock down trees, quite a bit of structural damage in the north eastern caribbean. real concern for life and limb. here in virginia, we are seeing a very different story because the storms moved so slowly, about 15 or 18 miles per hour, you can really leap-frog and keep up with it. >> it depends on travel and whether the flights go in on time. virginia beach was expecting a huge tourist weekend, both the american music festival with reo speed wagon set to play here as well as the rock and roll half marathon
earlier today, at the peak of the storm, there were a few dramatic moments for people on the beach and for buys with the u.s. coast guard. but as earl is on the way out of here, on the spot where we are standing here, it was the sea wall that saved the boardwalk. where there used to be peach, hurricane-tossed oceans slammed against the sea wall in ocean city. >> i love it. doesn't bother me a bit. >> reporter: because has hard for the beach patrol which is on duty to keep people off of flooded beaches. >> we don't want people out there because they can be knocked down and swept away. >> reporter: the surf measured ten to 12 feet high. for a perspective, the coast guard sent out boats to patrol an the master chief on the mission brought this video back. they trained for trouble. at ocean city's inlet, earl was like a celebrity guest with his own paparazzi, everyone with a camera or cell phone wanted photos of the big surf an the jet skiers brave enough to play. >> what are you doing down here? >> checking out the waves. seeing how earl is going to come in. i think our friends can co
hariggan is in virginia beach, virginia, where they are awaiting earl's heavy rains and high winds. steve, what's it like so far? >> reporter: none of that rain hitting yet. the winds have gotten slightly stronger with gusts up to 30 or 40 miles per hour. they expect the eye of the storm to pass 100 miles offshore here in virginia beach. so they don't expect too much physical damage. 200 national guard troops have been moved to the coastline in case they are necessary and shelters have been set up for as many as 20,000 people. that doesn't look like it's going to happen so far. throughout the day, we saw people boarding up their houses with plywood or hard plastic. but a lot more cureiosity. even righted now, we have a number of people walking along the boardwalk or the beach. gusts of winds, but not a sense of impending peril here. some real concerns about the economic potential that this storm could bring, some major events scheduled for this weekend, a large concert and a large half marathon. so travelers expected here. they are going to have difficulty traveling throughout this storm.
powerful thing. >> way is blasted ocean city's shoreline friday. beach patrol officials had no choice but to close the ocean to the public. >> i am not going anywhere near that water. it will pull you end. >> all this, thanks to hurricane earl. this downgraded storm still manage to chew of beaches, flood parking lots, and forced businesses to close or open laid along the boardwalk. >> we had to come out for ourselves to see how powerful it was. >> when high tide it around 3:40, the advantage nearly swallowed up some of ocean city's more narrow beaches. >> nature is pretty incredible. >> more than 100,000 people are in ocean city right now. that number is expected to double during the labor day weekend. >> we want some sunshine later today. that is what we are hoping for. >> visitors are starting to reclaim their beloved beach. there is a lot -- a lot of surfers have recently come out. the beach patrol is ok with that. there are still tremendous waves out there. conditions are -- conditions for surfing are incredible. the beach patrol was allowed in folks' to least go to the water up t
are actually staying in bethany beach, but they made their way to the inlet to see what it looks like when a few feet above sea level becomes sea level. >> earl didn't come to see us so we came down to see him. >> reporter: a few blocks away gary's 36-foot fishing boat is safe he's been checking the lines all day. he could have chosen to pull his boat out of the water. he says he feels fortunate that costly and time consuming measure wasn't necessary. >> i feel we got lucky. it stayed further to the east. so we got lucky. >> reporter: got a couple of people out here just checking out the surf seeing what it looks like they would prefer its if people didn't even walk in the water because potential for a large wave is still there. however that's going to get less and less as the evening goes on. by tomorrow they are hoping to reopen the beach fully. the only flooding we saw was in the inlet in parking lot. there was no flooding in ocean city. the parts you might think of philadelphia road it did not do that this time. we're going to talk about that and more coming up at 6:00 christian sc
if you are headed to the beach. we will look for big surf and rip currents. sun will be the rule. much better weather from sunday into monday. water temperature 74. back here, we are talking about a cooler day. mild, windy, things will be getting cooler by tomorrow night. we will talk about the early taste of autumn in the wake of earl. >> all right. thank you. earl didn't ignore ocean city there. was some minor flooding. that closure didn't necessarily stop some folks. we continue our live team coverage with kristin in ocean city. >> reporter: still a little breezy. surf still rough. let's talk about some of the possible problems. we could have seen flooding could have seen wind damage but neither of those happened because the storm never really got close enough to the coast to cause those problems. however there is still one more thing to worry about from earl. when the weather cleared the people headed back to the beach and that is the problem. ocean city police had to caution this woman who son was to close to the rough surf. earlier the officer ordered two men out of the water. t
miles east of virginia beach but it's still causing some big concern for people planning to encontroversy the last weekend of summer -- enjoy the last weekend of summer and beaches the eastern coast. >> if it is hits landfall we'll leave. >> it's going to be really bad from what i know, from what my mom keeps telling me. >> the last time the national hurricane center said that the last time a storm threatened such a large portion of the east coast was hurricane bob back in 1991. so this is certainly still a very big storm but let's keep our fingers crossed that it is going to be a near miss and nothing more. >> and it was 2003 when hurricane isabel did major damage to the outer banks. hopefully it will be spared this time. >> absolutely. >> thanks, kristen. >>> people are enjoying the outer banks, beaches, but is going to get rough real soon as kristen's been telling us. in seven minutes we'll get a live report from naghead. you can track earl and other hurricanes the home page at wusa9.com. >>> police barricade situation in walkersville, maryland is over. the man inside
coverage. bruce leshan is live in virginia beach. scott broom is live in ocean city where the wind anne and rain are picking up and of course howard is tracking the storm from the weather center. let's start with howard. >> the storm is staying off shore and weakening wind down to 85 miles an hour. the back edge of the rain is raining across anne arundel, eastern charles and st. mary's and calvert county but it will wind down shortly. the clouds have been back toward us keeping the temperatures at bay. in the low 80s. go to the radar and zoom in a little bit and you can see how the storm is moving in. it is almost even with cbs hictague here. i put the winds down with the radar. we will go to my night an you can see the storm had big winds. as we went through overnight they had more gusts. norfolk gusts of 28. through now, winds 32 hatteras, 22 norfolk. 28 ocean city. the winds mainly off shore. in fact this buoy here, north winds gusting to 38. that is east of fenwick island. that is where the heart of the heaviest winds are. still in ocean city with winds of 28 miles an hour and big w
carolina has declared a state of emergency tonight. pristine beaches and crash of breathtaking waivers up and down the atlantic coastline can expect for the next few days. earl is expected to make his way to maryland. north carolina looks like his first stop. that's where t. j. is on hurricane earl's path a holiday weekend for many could go up in the wind. >> reporter: pristine beaches and the crash of breathtaking waves belies what millions up and down the atlantic coastline can expect for the next few days. hurricane earl a massive category 3 storm looms 700 miles south southeast of cape hatteras is on track to brush against the north carolina shoreline late tomorrow or early friday more than, it will then blow northward toward new england. >> it will be faithing end to a summer. >> reporter: for those hoping to close out the summer season basking in the sun earl is a game changer. evacuation orders have been issued for the most exposed outer banks. >> if you're on hatteras please leave. there is a mandatory evacuation for tourists. there is a voluntary evacuation for residents, ple
gate along the coast and at the beaches with temperatures only in the fifties at the notion today. right now what life at city hall in san francisco where the fog is rolling in and blows people's are looking at it clear skies. inland is checking it 71 degrees san jose at 64 degrees. this cool in san francisco and 53 in daly city. the beaches tomorrow looks like a much better day than we a scene today. we'll have mostly signed by the afternoon and fog will be out of here. we will see the ratings for tomorrow. it is a beautiful beach day. and guess what? monday, labor day looks even nicer. we'll see some 70's at the coast. here is fog tracker inside the bay and it should not spread too far inland as much of the cdc will clear up pretty rapidly. by 9:00 a.m. you're already seeing some fog and into the early afternoon the clouds are going to clear away from the coast so it is sunshine for everybody and a repeat for monday with sunshine and even warmer temperatures. again for the north bay in sonoma, it is 78 for san francisco and closing in on 80% for 80s on sunday. 70's, you can be s
of north beach. as you see here i have a head of lettuce. this is a head of lettuce. i hope you, as the state, are not prepared to or are not about to tell somebody they have to sell lettuce. i do not think thomas jefferson had that in mind. this place is clean. he is an asset to the neighborhood. i think that if you rule adversely against him we will be looking at another 10-year vacancy and vacancies depress me. >> thank you. sue hester. >> members of the commission i am the architect for the project. and i am also the applicant officially on paper. i would like to speak regarding the report which was submitted by the planner as well as try to give you a little bit of background since i have been working on this project for over 10 years. i worked for the previous owner who spent after the market went out of business and they requested to open up truly mediterranean. that went out of business for lack of neighborhood involvement and neighborhood support. the building was sold. my previous client purchased the building which was vacant for almost four years. and they spent time
ocean city and the delaware beaches and the, of course, huge waves would be a concern. it is 200 mimes southeastern monroe and northern east of ocean city. that gives you a kind of an early peek. we've got justin, headed back to you my friend, what's changed in the last few minutes. >> i was trying to talk to beach patrol. found out they can't officially talk until they get permission to do so on camera. they were very kind about that. they are patrolling the peaches. an added concern as we have a jet flying overhead, noise from the waves, the beacon out there, fred go back over there, looks like a half a dozen guys, surfers trying to take full advantage of these high waves. this isn't southern california, we get waves over 10 to 15 feet they are going to take full advantage of it. that's what we've got now. young gentleman and women what are getting off work, now looks like it is reaching its peak.  one thing we're dealing with wyatt, we're talking about the tide. everybody knows, who lives by the water, you to have live with the cycle of the water. we get two tidal surges, one on i
of that 8:00, 9:00, so early afternoon. that's the height of it. if you go to beach, this morning may not be the best time to take the trip but this amp and thenning go for it. norfolk 25 an we had calm winds here in washington. this storm is a coastal storm. not a washington storm. minimal affects in the metro. as we go to the latest wind gusts, you see 82 at hatteras. winds have turned to the northwest as the storm starts to pass. we have winds now at ocean city now gusting over 20 miles an hour and same with the beau buoy off federal island. just tropical storm conditions. we are in the 70s. winchester 9. mostly cloudy skies. this afternoon some sunshine highs around 90. it is 6:01. happy friday, angie. >> back at you, howard. thank you very much. hello, friends. we begin with a metro aer will. dupont circle the power is out and there's no escalator or elevator service. we're hearing shuttle buses have been requested. >>> move outside an show you inbound new york avenue. looks like we are building volume between the washington times building past bladensburg road. on the outer loop
experiencing powerful surf all day that continues to build. that's a major concern along the beautiful beaches of the outer banks, one of the major draw us of tourists from around the country as well as other countries. a big concern is beach erosion. what is the heavy wind and pounding surf going to do to the beaches of the outer banks, even if hurricane earl doesn't score a direct hit on these barrier island communities? >> shepard: what have the locals been saying about evacuation and whether people have been evacuating? >> reporter: you know, it depends on how remote the area is. when you go to hatteras island one of the more remote sections, there's a mandatory evacuation not only for visitors, also local residents. if you move to a more accessible area like the one i'm in at kill devil hills, there's a mandatory evacuation, it only applies for visitors. it only applies to nonresidents. it is operational for residents. what we are finding is by and large people are heeding the evacuations. earlier in the day they packed up and got off the island in places where operational, we are finding
to norfolk, virginia beach. passing the delmarva tomorrow. midday tomorrow, yeah, it will be rough through noon. after noon things will improve as the storm heads to massachusetts where they are under a hurricane warning for cape cod. an then the storm will be out of here quickly. the next 24 hours will be the worst around here. but the weekend will bring big changes once earl passes. i will have those details in a few minutes. thank you. >>> so far governor o'malley says it is unlikely that ocean city will have to be evacuated but the government is advising drivers not to drive to or from that area during the storm. scott broom has the latest on preparations that are occurring there. scott, what can you tell us? >> i'm outside of the emergency operations center in ocean city where there is a 1:00 briefing of officials. they are on the same page as governor o'malley. you can feel a little humidity building and a little breeze coming in from the east. that's a hint of the tropics and aahing of what's to come. as i said earlier, ocean city officials had talked to us and barring any big chang
the beach literally drops down just before the break and that's what is making those waves maybe look a little smaller on tv then they really are, but i'll tell you, they have been getting higher in the past hour and a half to two hours we have been down here. we're watching the tide it pull out and the next high tide is going to occur tomorrow morning between 3:00 and 4:00, that is the point that we're really concerned with because we've got to deal with the winds pushing out. the waves pushing on, and in fact just over my shoulder here you see this, this is the wet mark, this is where the last high tide setup and this is more than 12 hours before the worst of the storm. this wet mark goes up to the fence off on the edge to see how close it's already gotten into the parking lot. i have been talking to a couple have local news cruz here, they talked about some flooding happening up in the 70s, we have sponge íen to some people staying in the 10 0's, they say they have lost their beach already, they have already been flooded out. so there are some places that haven't been able to main
city police ordered people off the beaches when the first strong winds began to batter the maryland coast. >> i don't think it is bad that we are watching it right now, but we should probably get off the beach when it gets bad. >> businesses are hoping that hurricane earl makes a right turn away from the land. people are still getting close to the raging surf. these women went into the water despite warnings. >> i would never go out deep. >> we are watching the waves until they come close to th wall. >> i am going to stay here until it gets really bad and then i will go inside. >> the emergency operations center is open as the delmarva peninsula braces for the arrival. >> we want people to use common sense and be safe. there will be sunshine in ocean city tomorrow. >> the son is not shining yet, but the waves are pounding the maryland coast. they have been pretty big. the rip currents are dangerous enough that surfing is not allowed today and swimming could likely be restricted this weekend. the story really is the wind is picking up. we have seen some rain. the waves are impressive
at the crystal coast this evening. this is on the atlantic beach. check out the surf here. we're expecting the storm surge to swallow up a good portion of the beach. that pier is getting a little wobbly tonight too. >> here is the latest hurricane track. national hurricane center moving noblgts. noblgts upd at 18. it's moving pretty quickly now. and this track if you were with us earlier today and this evening is right along this line, the 70 degree longitude line. it's now east of that, which is the second bit of good news. the hurricane has weakened. it's now forecast to pass only about 100 miles or so to the east of cape hatteras which means the weather won't get as bad as we thought at 5:00 or 6:00. >> now to atlantic beach where hurricane earl is storing up major swells. probably where we've seen most of the rain this evening. the most experienced hurricane reporter in our state greg barnes is live from atlantic beach. he's riding out the storm there, trying to stay dry. doesn't look like it's working. >> reporter: that's not going to happen. i've seen them big,
will be seeing earl and it will be getting out of here. here are your headlines for today. the beaches still have a tropical storm warning and hurricane watch. the winds, 30 to 60 miles per hour with that, and the waves 10 to 15. and then the bay does have coastal flood advisories in effect for today as well. so ocean city's temperature coming in at 75 degrees. this is abc 2 storm tracker. we have not seen any type of change over the past hour here. the dew point is 75 and it feels like 71. the winds have been changing and that's about it. the satellite is showing -- this is what i wanted to show you before. i like showing you this one not because it's just pretty but because it shows you what's going on here. you can see where this started. you can see there's no eye as of now. you can see the color here. this is just an enhanced satellite showing you where the shy and coldest cloud tops are, you can see cape hatteras is in this getting the rain bands, the clouds as of now and even thunderstorms in ocean city. you are getting some of the cloud cover as of now as well and rain bands will be getti
virginia to maine hundreds of miles of beaches now face heavy surf from this labor day weekend traveler still on the move. north carolina's governor says it appears easterly caused no major injuries, no major damages. in atlantic beach now, emily smith abc news. >>> now for a look at tonight's top stories down at the ocean things are starting to get back to normal for the neighborhood weekend. hurricane earl brushed by the coast of maryland early this morning causing high winds and crashing surf it's now a category 1 hurricane as it moves off the coast of new england. >>> a sigh of relief along the gulf coast tonight a coast guard cutter patrolling the area around the platform fire is not reporting any signs of leaks. the platform owner says it doesn't know what caused that fire. >>> detectives in baltimore city are investigating a deadly shooting from late last night. officers were called to the 500 block of eastlynne avenue and southwest baltimore. a 30 year-old woman was killed two other victims including a 14-year-old boy are expected to survive. police believe the shooting stemme
. >>> we have a check on the beach forecast for those travelers heading in that direction. here's what you may want to consider. friday, maybe leave late instead of early or hold off until saturday morning. weather is going to clear up nicely friday night into saturday. low 80s but breezy. the surf surging from 10 feet or higher tomorrow. we'll have much more in a couple of minutes. we'll head back to the news desk. >> we're heading to justin burke now. how you doing? >> reporter: we're tracking here at the beach. we had a beautiful sunset. looks like high tide coming up at 3:59. that's temperature point we will be on the air at 4:00. we'll let you know how bad it is here. forget the hand held. look over my shoulder. we've partnered with weather bug. they brought their storm chaser. we just set up here on the board walk. this is live for everybody to see tomorrow. we've got meteorologist jacob from weather bug here. tell us about the storm tracker. >> we have a mobile weather tracking unit that includes a hd camera, an mom at the, rain gauge and temperature censer. we're basical
center and steve hariggan is in virginia beach, virginia, where they are awaiting earl's heavy rains and high winds. steve, what's it like so far? >> reporter: none of that rain hitting yet. the winds have gotten slightly stronger with gusts up to 30 or 40 miles per hour. they expect the eye of the storm to pass 100 miles offshore here in virginia beach. so they don't expect too much physical damage. 200 national guard troops have been moved to the coastline in case they are necessary and shelters have been set up for as many as 20,000 people. that doesn't look like it's going to happen so far. throughout the day, we saw people boarding up their houses with plywood or hard plastic. but a lot more cureiosity. even righted now, we have a number of people walking along the boardwalk or the beach. gusts of winds, but not a sense of impending peril here. some real concerns about the economic potential that this storm could bring, some major events scheduled for this weekend, a large concert and a large half marathon. so travelers expected here. they are going to have difficulty traveling
down looking at it, it's beautiful. never seen nothing like that before, not on the beach. >> reporter: by mid-morning, the wind picked up with gusts at 20 miles an hour. as the rain pelted, some visitors pedals bicycles. >> a day for a bike ride. >> reporter: the ocean city beach patrol monitored the situation from vehicles after ordering their white wooden life guard towers taken down so they wouldn't be swept away by the surf. the mayor spoke to us after one of his daily briefings by the emergency management team. >> the beach is going to be rough. the surf, we are going to see erosion. we are going to keep people out of the surf. beach patrol will be on duty at 5:00. the beach is open. we are restricting access to the surf. we will continue to do it throughout the day and theÑi >> reporter: you are looking live at a kite on the ocean city beach showing the innovation of some of the visitors. if you are given lemons, make lemonade. the mayor says that he believes the storm will be passing by 5:00 tonight. as you can see, the wind and rain returned. we are gettingxd conditions as d
summer a little hurricane at the beach. >> families are secure and everybody is connected together you can have a way out and have a plan to get out everybody would know where you're supposed to meet at a certain time. >> hurricane earl is barrelling toward the mid atlantic coast and there are growing concerns tonight that millions of holiday beachgoers could underestimate earl's potential danger. north carolina and virginia have declared a state of emergency. maryland's coastal areas are under a hurricane watch, and tonight don harrison is keeping a close eye on earl what's the mood like tonight. >> reporter: it's one of the biggest weekends of the summer there could be 300,000 people here. ocean city is a coastal town they are used to getting storms tropical depressions nor he's terse. there's a lot of sand behind me hopefully ocean city's beach can handle this. there's about 10 miles of beach in ocean city. the lifeguards are spread thin because a lot have gone home or back to school. so vacationers are looking for a little excitement from earl. >> we're not worried about it. we'
. evacuations there are already underway. we have live team coverage from north carolina to virginia beach and ocean city. we're going to start with scott broom live in o.c. scott. >> reporter: nice to talk to you tonight, they are now prepared here in ocean city with -- for what they foresee to be tropical storm conditions starting overnight tonight and into about the middle of the day tomorrow. the big news on the beach today is that they have restricted swimmers going in the water because of the heavy surf. rough surf and the danger of rip occurens has caused life guards to declare the water off limits. surfers except the as earl approaches. >> in the next 24 hour it's will get crazy. >> the beach will now be closed per se. there are restrictions for entry into the water. >> reporter: crews put up fencing to prevent drifting sand from burying parking lots and boardwalks. at marinas some boat owners pulled their craft out of the water. question for visitors is should they stay or go? >> i i'ming it's a really -- i'm thinking it's a really big storm and i kind of want to go home. >> i'm s
to their ankles. that is outdate -- that is all the beach patrol will allow. not one piece of damage, no reported breaches in the sand dunes in ocean city. all things considered, we are in good shape. >> this is passed high tide, too. the beach will looks like it is in good shape. >> the wednesday radical shift to the west. that is helping would be -- the did a radical shift to the west. the waves are treacherous. >> meanwhile, we are going to be seeing those high clouds continue to break up. hurricane earl, we can say goodbye for around here and for the beaches, a really delightful weekend coming up. i will tell you all about that in a few minutes. >> he is not out there playing around. even though hurricane earl is now a category 1 hurricane, a new england is still preparing for the worst. massachusetts has declared a state of emergency. homeowners on the coast have boarded things up. inmates in plymouth have filled sandbags ahead of the storm. >> some of those people are heading back to north carolina to check out the damage. suzanne kennedy is live in north carolina. she joins us with the ver
leaves, how to clean up quickly t waves crashing in right now. a lot of the people on the beach didn't bring that you're sites and towels, they brought their binoculars and taking a look at the surf hurricane earl is kicking up here, really is quite an impressive sight to see. they are expecting the highest winds to be around 8:00 in the morning, all day, running 5:00 through 1:00 in the afternoon, after that expected to get pretty nice out here, not expecting a lot of labor day visitors to hurricane redown here through friday, when that high wind is going, i tell you even a rain drop at 30, 40 miles per hour, doesn't feel too good. neither does sand. all going to be kicking up tomorrow morning, not expecting a very busy morning on the beach. however, once it gets through friday afternoon into saturday they are expecting a full and busy labor day holiday weekend. christian schaefer, abc 2 news. . >>> all right. thank you so much chris, surf is up down there, you see that one guy? that is probably a 6, 7-foot wave coming in there at the end. let's take a look at the latest on still ca
off like team coverage from one of the beaches in a moment. first, the latest on a story that had the nation's attention, focused on the washington suburb. employees at the discovery communications building in silver spring are trickling back to work after yesterday's toxic situation that brought the area to a standstill. courtney is talking to the employees were back in the building today. we begin with at police headquarters where we just got an update. what is the latest there? investigators have been working around the clock throughout the night, both inside and outside of the discovery communications building, trying to figure out exactly what happened, as well as clear the scene there. we now know what kind of explosives the suspect brought inside the building. we now know what james lee kerrigan said, starting this enough that lasted more than four hours. four devices were stuck to him, including propane cylinders. bombs onwere two pipe him as well. >> while monitoring him on camera they noticed a switch in his hand, leading them to concerns about whether or not he had a ra
with them close to a dozen times, looked at their model and what they have. in north beach there are few places where someone can get self service food. people weigh out their own amounts of food and it is something that is relatively nice. i haven't seen too many people go in and buy pasta and olive oil. very close by is a meat market right up the street, across from the meat market there is a produce market. further up that street there is another produce market. there is plenty of places to buy produce, meats and burdens. obviously it is one of our concerns is what can we do to help businesses survive in this economy. we are in support of the change of use on this particular venue and would like to see the people who are currently serving businesses that serve produce and meats also stay in place. but we do think this is an appropriate change of use for this particular location. i thank you. >> thank you. is there additional public comment on this item? >> good afternoon commissioners. i am a resident in north beach. went to school here. live in the neighborhood. i go upon and down th
to the 30s an wilmington. we have to deal with earl through early amp here across the atlantic beaches and pull up to new england tonight. pax river you have light showers nearby an 79 in wallops island. it is warm down there. a hot day today but not as hot. highs around 90. drive home 87. it is 5:01. happy friday. >> wake up, folks. the weekend is upon us. right now we enter a new hour. and no new problems to tell you about. but first take you to 95. this is one tieup we have been keeping an eye on since this morning. it is southbound at the backlick road exit. volume is light. not affecting the flow of traffic. mainly northbound. you are looking at a smooth commute to the mixing bowl. 3 t 5 if you continue to this roadway. tracking taillights from the beltway to shirlington. 68 eastbound. -- 66 eastbound, happy to report the ramp is open. and wrap with a check on the outer loop. all is good from 95 to georgia. back to you. >>> right now hurricane earl is making its way up the east coast and we have a team of reporters covering the storm. our scott broom is in ocean city, maryland whe
this earlier. inching further eastward. by 2:00 friday, it's past parallel, ocean city. the beaches will be improving weather-wise. the surf may still be rough through saturday. 2:00 on saturday, this thing is hauling. winds are down to 60 miles per hour. eventually up into the north atlantic. hurricane warning in effect for much of the coast and carolina. tropical storm warning for us, but also that is also a hurricane watch as well from rehoboth beach down, essentially uh, to the virginia, north carolina border. that's a hurricane watch and also a tropical storm uh, warning. so, a no mandatory evacuations in virginia beach just yet, but plenty of people are clearing out of the way. bruce leshan is live down in ocean front, bruce? >> reporter: hey, topper, this family is among those who are not clearing out. check it out. they're about to get married right down here on the beach. they say you're lucky your major is lucky if you get married when it rains and they said they must have hit the lottery. >> like shakespeare, captain mark hodges figures discretion is part of valor. he's p
that mean for us on the delmarva beaches? wind gusts will increase, especially in the midday and afternoon. rain showers will begin this afternoon. i already see a few drops coming in. we have a band. luck think tide cycle is working in our favor right here. normally you get to the high tide -- actually the tide is going out and the breakers are coming in not even nearing the wall here on the boardwalk. the water is still 25 yards out from the boardwalk. we have chris. i know you went to an emergency preparation meeting today. tell us what's going on and how they are preparing and reacting. >> they talk about nor'easters usually affecting ocean city more than a hurricane. there is more than 100,000 people in ocean city. in the the fall when they get the nor'easters there is a lot fewer people there. they have a lot of police out. we're watching officers drive up and down the boardwalk all morning long but there still have been a lot of people checking out earl. >> ocean city police ordered people off the beaches. strong winds begin to batter the maryland coast. >> i don't think it is bad t
can see things in ocean city nice and calm right now. everybody is out on the beach taking a look. >> this storm does have people from north carolina to maine hoping it doesn't move any closer to shore and that's the big story this morning on good morning maryland at 9:00. while the storm may stay out to sea, its size means its shorelines will be affected with high surf. >> we'll have all the updates for you. first, we want to go to lanette. >> let's get down to business here, all eyes are on hurricane earl as of now. those winds sustained at 145 miles an hour. check this out. i love this shot. you can see the eye there. so when you can see that eye, oh yes, that's when it is getting its act together and it's moving to the north, northwest. it's going to make that northerly turn and it's going to make that northeasterly turn and we will be feeling the impact. check this out. beaches, tropical storm warning, yes, there is that, for right now, the winds 40 to 60 miles an hour. the waves 10 to 20 feet. on the bay, there is a coastal flood advisory. so check out the tracker here, s
of the storm in maryland. we'll be on the weaker side, the storm is pulling away from the coast. in the beaches, tropical storm warning, on average, 40 to 60 miles per hour sustained winds at the worst part of this storm will be, when we wake up, this time tomorrow morning. through around lunch time. waves probably going to be 10 to 20 feet. churning up the chesapeake bay as well. because of the push of water and because of the wind flow, there's a coastal flood advisory for the western shores of the chesapeake. aberdeen, down towards annapolis, this isn't isabel. nothing of this sort, but there'll be high water and there'll be low tidal flooding. we're watching a tropical satellite and essentially, there you can see raven -- rain bands pushing into sea. sunshine with a few clouds strolling in across the southern sky, outer edges of the system. baltimore, hardly any impact from earl today or tomorrow. two-degree guaranteed high reaching 92 this afternoon by 4:00 p.m. more on earl's forecast and labor day coming up. let's see what's happening on the roads. >> the roadways are golden right now, w
far enough offshore from the delaware and maryland beaches, no hurricane-force winds for them and they may get gusts over 40 or so and to to the cape, it will brush it with a weak tropical storm and hurricane-force winds up there as well. we'll have more details on hurricane earl and a look at the local forecast coming up. >> thank you very much. >>> we're tracking the storm from ocean city, maryland, tonight where labor day weekend is threatened by that. >> william? >> reporter: a short time ago, the officials made a call to restrict water access, yesterday, you remember the rule was knee or less. that is what lifeguards are telling tourists. today, they don't want you in the water unless you're walking along the shore. the fear of a riptide is growing and they want to keep tourists safe. the waters off ocean city and much of the maryland and delaware coast line will be more dangerous as hurricane earl inches closer. >> doesn't make sense to send people into a breakingway that is going to break in shallow water, so we restricted the water at 1:00 this afternoon. >> what does
like that before. not on the beach. >> reporter: by mid morning interesting wind picked up with gusts measured here at 26 miles an hour. even as the rain pelted, some visitors pedaled bicycles down the boardwalk. not letting a little rain ruin their vacation. >> it is nice for a bike ride. >> reporter: the ocean city beach patrol monitored the situation from vehicles after ordering their white wooden lifeguard towers taken down and dragged to the other side of the boardwalk for safety so they wouldn't be swept away by the surf. ocean city's mayor, rick, so that spo to us after one of his daily briefings by his emergency management team. >> the beach will be pretty rough. the surf, we'll see the erosion. we'll keep people out of the surf. we have restricted access to the surf at this time. beach patrol will be on duty at 5:00. the beach is open. we are restricting access to the surf and we will probably continue to do that throughout the day, throughout the duration of the storm. >> reporter: look at the size and the force of these waves. the mayor says that even after this storm passe
water conditions. >>> at the height of the storm, giant waves slammed into the beach. >> waves are probably some of the biggest i've ever seen. and it's pretty eerie. >> reporter: dangerous riptides prompted officials to prohibit swimming for a second day in a row. but some risked it anyway. >> it's crazy. >> one man was even arrested for skinny dipping with hurricane earl. there was no -- there there were no serious rescues at all during the hurricane. and it was almost like a tourist attraction, drawing people to the beach to see waves they've never seen like this in their lifetime. >> the waves are absolutely beautiful. >> reporter: the mayor says hurricane earl could have damaged beach front businesses, if not for a million dollars spent every year on beach front projects. they keep the dunes high and the water where it belongs. >> there were a lot of properties on the ocean front that were vulnerable. and now they have a natural buffer. and it made a difference. >> reporter: by the afternoon, it was tourists, not water, flooding back to the boardwalk. >>> and another posit
banks of north carolina late tomorrow and approaches our beaches, our mid-atlantic beaches towards ocean city staying likely east but too close for comfort as we go into the morning midday on friday. we're going to start showing you where the watches are. there's been a lot of folks who have interest in the outer banks. a lot of folks vacation there or have property there. a hurricane watch is in effect from surf city, north carolina to parramore islands. if you're a tourist get out because it's a tough place to get out of it. this is what our storm looks like here from our infared, color enhanced satellite imagery. we were looking at wave might heights a few moments ago. 43-foot wave heights around the center of the circulation. at the 5:00 advisory winds were 125 miles an hour, gusting to 155 building northwest at 15 and a little over 1,000 miles from ocean city. we'll see it maintain that category 3 strength here as it approaches and passes ocean city and then as we head towards even friday night look how quickly at 11:00 it's near martha's vineyard, cape cod. it will be passing ocean
holiday weekend. the dead of lounging on the beach, they will hunker down and keep an eye on their rental property. >> that is one of the reasons we want to stay. if anything is really damaged, maybe we can put it together before we leave. >> oceanfront homes are the most vulnerable to the hurricane. contractor brian sysco will board of 30 homes before the day is over. >> if it decides to come this way a few miles, it will be worse than we expect. you just do not know when you have to take precautions the matter what. >> back now live, you can see the churning serve all of the beach here -- surf off of the beach here. 18 north carolina counties are currently under a federal state of emergency. the national guard has been deployed. this storm is the second to hit here overnight at the exact time of high tide, making a dangerous situation even more complicated. >> doug hill is tracking hurricane earl tonight. we are live in the weather center with where the storm is right now. >> the very latest information, at the center is a little less than 200 miles from cape hatteras. it has weakened j
along the outer banks, a clear sign that earl is on the way. on the beach, some are digging in the last minute fund before the storm moves in. many have started giving out. >> we have a house down there for a week, and unfortunately, we have to leave it. we have no choice. >> evacuation orders are in effect in several counties along the coast. the red cross has already opened a dozen shelters, at two dozen more on high alert. >> earl is a dangerous storm and not to be taken for granted. >> this shows just how massive the system is. a major hurricane hundreds of miles off the coast. >> it can be dangerous, because this hurricane -- mother nature has a fickle way of doing things. >> forecasters believed it could be close enough to deliver tropical storm or even hurricane-force winds. dangerous conditions that will likely start to develop in the outer banks this evening for several days along the east coast. >> the national guard has been mobilized, and the governor of north carolina, along with the governors of virginia and maryland, all the clothing states of emergency -- all declaring t
to 80, 81. lots of sun at the beaches, too. >> i bet a the lof people are thinking, oh, shoot, shouldn't have canceled those sa reservations. thank you, kim. >>> the once powerful category 4 hurricane has weakened official also assess the damage but they expect it to be minimal. check out the heavy winds and rain. it caused some flooding there but for the most part earl stayed far enough off shore leaving behind little damage. still, concerns remain forth holiday weekend. >> there's definitely a rip tide out there and we're starting to see a lot of beach erosion. >> if you've been to the outer banks, you've seen it fall into the surf. most places experienced little problems. with the threat of earl gone, travel plans are back on for many people which means it's going to be very crowded on the highways. 788,000 people are going to travel this weekend. 34,000 people are expected to fly. aaa says ocean city, bethany, virginia beach are the popular driving destinations for people in our area. >> people are making a rare exception today and -- i should say, the dmv is making rare exceptions
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